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MinuteHR is compliant – This means:
  • We have mapped and know where all your data is held
  • Ensure you have the right to view, amend, export or delete any        information that we hold on your behalf
  • Ensure that only those who require access to your data are able to
  • Ensure that consent is given during the sign-up process for all that use    Charlie and allowing you to withdraw this at anytime

What we are storing:
We store only necessary information, as collected by you. Individual logins mean that your team members can keep their details accurate and up to date, ensuring that you meet your legal obligations as an employer.

How we are storing it:
We encrypt your data both at rest and in transit, and our site and storage processes are architected for security. See Security Measures for specific details.

Who can access it:
Within our software, you are able to set permission levels for all employees to restrict access to sensitive materials.

Further compliance:

See our Data Processing Addendum here