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How billing works

On the first of each month, we will take payment for the pro-rated usage from the previous month.
Payment is taken on the first of every month from the card account with which you registered.

Updating your card:
To update the card from which payment is taken, go to “billing” on the right hand side navigation bar. 

Payment failed:
Your payment could fail if the card as expired or if the details were not entered correctly.
Our payment processor will notify us if this is the case. We will contact you as imme-
-diately so you can update your payment details and ensure you can continue to use minutehr’s
system without interruption.
Your billing information:
All billing information is fully secured with the same level of encryption used by
leading banks and companies. Our payment processor is a certified PCI Service
Provider Level 1 (the most stringent level of certification) provider. With MinuteHR, 
your billing details are on the same platform as companies like Deliveroo, Slack and Unicef.